SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. As the name reflects it is a process to enhance your website ranking in a way so that it can appear in the results of a search engine for the products or services you are selling or providing at your website. Every search engines have its own algorithms and strategies to index a website for the keywords mentioned at your website.

How Search Engine works?
A robot known as crawler is used  by search engines to crawl or surf the web which scans your website and index it according to its algorithm. Search Engine have their own guidelines which needs to be followed to being indexed or found in the search engine result pages.

What people search for?
End users are generally not aware about the working of search engines. They simply types in the search window the services or things they are looking for. Let us take an example : Suppose a person living at sector XYZ, City ABC wants to find out a laundry nearby to his/her location then what he/she will type or search :

Laundry in sector xyz
list of laundries in sector xyz
Cheap laundry services in sector xyz
Laundries in ABC
Contact number of laundry

Every user have its own way to find out or use the search engine. But is the responsibility of a SEO professional to find out every single scope how a user thinks and search. It is also known as Keyword Research.

Types of SEO Techniques

Black Hat - Strictly not recommended and we do not do Black Hat
White Hat - Following Search Engine Guidelines and genuine ways to get traffic and link building

Off Page SEO: What other website says about your website. It means the activities which do not have direct impact on the functioning or coding of your website used to build links.

Social Bookmarking
Link Exchange
Community Building
Photo Sharing
Business Reviews
Classifieds Submission
Social Shopping Network
Document Sharing
Video Sharing
Fan Following

On Page SEO: Optimization of content and HTML source code of a page as per the search engine ranking factors.

Keyword Density
Keyword Proximity
Heading Tags
Anchaor Tags
Meta Tags
Web Analytics & Web Masters
URLs & Interlinking
Redirects 301 & 302

Services offered :
On Page & Off Page SEO as explained above
Keyword Research Website Analysis
Develop and implement link building strategy
Original, powerful SEO content for websites and blogs
Sitemap building and submit
Competitor Analysis
Online Reputation Management

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